are your shirts screen printed?

Mothering Hut shirts are custom screen printed using high quality inks on brand-name cotton t-shirts. The exceptions: our Bling Zero and Bullets Fever shirts, and our make-your-own custom shirts. Due to the complexity of their designs, these shirts are printed by our partners at Spreadshirt uses a high-quality, durable printing process very similar to silk screening.

Please check individual shirt descriptions for details.

what kind of shirts do you use?

Our shirts are name-brand, heavyweight cotton shirts: Hanes Beefy-T, Hanes Tagless, American Apparel Jersey...

Check indivudual shirt descriptions.

For shirt sizing, check the size charts for individual shirts. We recommend taking your favorite fitting shirt, and measuring it against the size charts to determine the best available fit.

what about bulk or wholesale orders??

If you just got out of prison and want to sell Mothering Hut tees from a cart by the Ride On, email us. We can arrange bulk, custom, silk-screened orders at a big discount!

can i steal your design??

After Jumaine Jackson lined his pockets off the patent to our antiseptic bacon dispenser, wizznutzz have powerful protections in place to crush you if you steal from us. All designs are copyrighted.

i have a question about shipping or customer service

A fulfillment company called Printmojo takes care of this for us.

You can contact them via:

Phone: 1-866-601-MOJO (6656)
Mail:, 4950 Cohasset Rd. Ste. 5, Chico, CA 95973-9502

Exceptions: if you purchased a Bling Zero, a Bullets Fever, or a custom t-shirt and have a question, please contact customer service at

how do i contact you??

If you have a question about your order, please contact our representatives at Printmojo using the information listed above.

If you have a question about the content/designs, a suggestion, or would like to submit a picture of you and Charles Oakley posing in Mothering Hut shirts, then you can email us at:

Visit us at

what is a mothering hut?

One day in a Circuit City parking lot a man called Sam Lipsyte told us about a man called Heinrich who had a "mothering hut" for sale in Newark . The mothering hut is a "reconditioning and pain-based redemption chamber" where we discipline our interns at You can customize the interior of a mothering hut to suit your particular fears and vulnerabilities. Ours is decorated with naked photos of Maury Chaykin, deer urine and more raw meat than the Muresan family outhouse!

Martin Heidegger is thought to have invented the mothering hut. He called his "Die Hutte". He went into it to grapple with the cruel theatre of existence. He was the original Washington Bullets fan!!!